Outreach Vice President

Pastor / Dr. Meschelia Johnson

For over 20 years, Pastor/Dr. Meschellia Johnson dedicated her time and energy to educating and empowering young men and women through ministry, evidence based tools, programs, interactive trainings, workshops and conferences that promote change, deliverance and healing. In her professional ministry roles she has served as a Youth Minister, worked in the Women’s Ministry, served as an Evangelist, Prayer & Intercessory Leader, Vacation Bible School Teacher, Church Administrator and has also served in the capacity as a First Lady and Co-Pastor. Dr. Johnson has also served as the Senior Pastor of the Chosen Temple Christian Fellowship in the City of Inglewood where she grew up, and works and worships. She is currently Founder and President of M.M.B.I. Moving Mountains by Illumination which focuses on quality of life issues affecting younger girls and their families in South Los Angeles. Dr. Meschellia Johnson is trained, licensed and certified as an Ordained Minister, Christian Counselor Gang Intervention/Prevention Specialist, a Marriage & Family Dynamics Facilitator, trained to Facilitate and Educate in Breakthrough Parenting, Anger Management, Behavioral Modification Training, Child/Adolescent Disruptive Behavior, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Domestic Violence Awareness, and rides with the (D.A.R.T.) unit a Domestic Violence Awareness Response Team with the 77TH Police Station in Los Angeles. She also facilitates Group Mentoring Workshops, and provides services as an Executive Life Skills Coach. Meschellia has been awarded and commended by governor, state and local officials, public and private institutions in her leadership role to her community. Meschellia has been a member of CA NOW since September 2014.