Cheryl A. Branch

A native of Southern California, Cheryl A. Branch has spent the past 30 years of her life improving the quality-of-life in communities of color. She has participated in local, state and federal projects directed at increasing the distribution of culturally competent health services, economic development policy, education/training opportunities, civic and funding resources in urban communities. Cheryl is a professional administrator and is skilled in organization development, data collection and analysis, problem solving, crisis management, public relations, financial management, planning, controlling and directing an organization’s resources in order to achieve the objectives of that organization. Branch is trained and experienced in private sector revenue management, cause marketing, pricing, performance tracking, exit and succession planning. Cheryl is public sector trained & experienced in public policy formation, government relations, strategic planning, external relations, leadership development, & mergers. Cheryl has been executive director of three successful non-profit organizations, and she owns three small businesses in Los Angeles. While playing a pivotal role in bridging policy and service in California, Cheryl’s passion for minority empowerment has remained high. Cheryl is an avid backgammon player, and is co-author of two text books currently used by California Alcohol and Drug Program Educators and U.C.L.A./ISAP ATTC Program. Cheryl was educated in Europe at Cambridge University in England, U.S.C. undergraduate in Public Administration and holds a Master of Science Degree in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. Today, her personal and professional commitment has paid tremendous dividends to both her family as well as communities throughout the nation. Cheryl is one of the most recognized urban planning strategists, addiction and behavioral health policy practitioners in the country; establishing levels of corporate, public, ecumenical, community and private participation that is modeled nationwide. Cheryl has been a member of CA NOW since March 2014.