We are women – born free, equal in dignity and rights

California NOW is a membership organization committed to institutionalizing intersectional gender equity. Our goals are simple, the path to get there is not.

  1. Empower all women and girls by ensuring they are fully and equally valued at home, at school, at work, in government.
  1. Eliminate racialized hetero-patriarchal gender roles and norms through implementation of mindfulness training as well as gender norms and roles training
  1. Transform our own movement so no oppression exists internally across any status box society historically used to oppress a class of people.

Our work transgresses over social boundaries and walls built to imprint, reinforce and protect implicit stereotype biases that damage all of us.We are here to make these changes happen, but we can’t do it without you. We’re all in this together, the struggle to free ourselves from the boxes built by an oppressive society, so our children and our children’s children can live in a more just, free, and fair world.

Executive Board

Jerilyn Stapleton – President     president@canow.org
Kolieka Seigle – Action VP     kolieka.kolieka@canow.org
Somer Loen – Membership VP     Somer@canow.org
Kim Sontag-Mulder – Program VP     kim@canow.org
Dr. Meschellia Johnson – Outreach VP     meschellia@canow.org
Cheryl Branch – Secretary     cheryl@canow.org
Charline Sistrunk – Treasurer     charline@canow.org

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